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As a creative music facilitator, I have worked for a range of partners in the UK and Australia since 2007, engaging with a diverse range of people in informal and formal learning environments and contexts. Each session I run is underpinned by opportunities for learning in a holistic sense and a framework that supports process-based outcomes to emerge.


Mentoring; reflective practice and collaborative delivery models are embedded as vital components of the work. Within my practice as a creative music facilitator, I flexibly undertake a variety of roles as required by the work: facilitator, creative director, co-performer, composer, arranger, conductor, manager, collaborator, etc. 


My work as a researcher underpins my approach as a facilitator, and my work as an arts manager and researcher enables me to see the wider picture of how partnerships and communities of practice are formed and developed at a strategic and grassroots level.


Ethos & Process


I am committed to providing engaging, inclusive, accessible and embodied music and arts experiences in formal and informal learning contexts, that enable social connection, individual well-being and opportunities to learn and develop. 

When facilitating creative music projects, I may undertake a variety of roles, including but not limited to:


  • Facilitator

  • Teacher

  • Creative director

  • Collaborator

  • Performer

  • Artist

  • Composer

  • Arranger

  • Producer

  • Conductor

  • Mentor

  • Project Manager 


Whilst the process will likely include teaching some material, skills and concepts, the emphasis is on enabling a dynamic collaborative learning environment towards a creative outcome.

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