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Kate has an extraordinary ability to bring music out of everyone. She has a passion for using music in enriching people’s lives (be it as part of the health journey or even in that moment); for drawing out their inner beat and rythym and making it a safe space.  Her energy is as captivating as her music ability and she warm and welcoming to each and every person. Kate was pivotal in the success our music programme at St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospital with our patients who have Parkinson’s Disease, their carers and staff; so much so she was a central theme that came from our research in the music programme. Thank you Kate."

Jessica Smith

Manager, Allied Health, St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital

"Kate Page’s work with AWESOME over the past years has been multifaceted. As an artist, her work is outstanding, always with her audience in mind and delivered with care, attention to detail and quality.

Kate is one of the few practitioners in WA who creates early childhood music projects that are exceptional in terms of their content, process and implementation. We have very successfully engaged her as an artist to work in regional Western Australian schools devising curriculum-linked projects and Kate has also worked within our team as a Program Manager, requiring her to engage broadly with community stakeholders to deliver high quality and enduring cultural outcomes.

Our team loves working with Kate as she is reliable, efficient, highly creative and an absolute professional."

Jenny Simpson


"Kate has been an enthusiastic and supportive member of the Teaching Artist Team of the AiR Artist in Residence Commission Project at Murdoch University from December 2013 to January 2016 – and again in January 2017 was a Teaching Artist in the AiR Summer School.


What is impressive about Kate’s contribution to this unique project that brought together Teaching Artists, Murdoch University Arts Educators and primary teacher education students is her capacity to seek continual improvement in her teaching. Kate proved to be a keen proponent of opening music education to new ideas and making it accessible to people without a music background. She collaborated with teaching artist colleagues in the other arts subjects with vim and vigor that respected music as an art form but showed ways of successfully integrating the arts and integrating music across the curriculum. Kate generously shared her knowledge, brought her many musical instruments into workshops and had a wealth of interesting and challenging activities to support learning.

Kate also showed capacity to reflect deeply on the experiences of students and to adapt her ideas to reach out to them. She brought positive energy and deep commitment to learning into her work on this project.

I look forward to working more with Kate in the future.

Robin Pascoe

Senior Lecturer Arts and Drama Education, AiR Summer School 2017 Coordinator

“Kate brings her own wonderful musicianship to creative workshops at all times, with a passion and enthusiasm that is irresistible! As a highly skilled musician herself, she is able to use this to facilitate the creative process for others. In particular, Kate is able to personalise and respond to individual contexts, settings and people, so that they don't just receive a 'template' experience, but something that responds directly to their needs, interests and curiosity.” 


Julian West,

Head of Open Academy, Royal Academy of Music, London Freelance facilitator

"Kate led a number of workshops for Wigmore Hall Learning and always brought an enormous amount of enthusiasm, energy and professionalism to her work. She is an extremely creative practitioner, fantastic at inspiring children to play with music and skilled at incorporating their ideas in to a new piece of work. She’s always thorough in her preparation and is lovely to work with."


Elizabeth McCall,

Freelance Musician (Adelaide, Australia) and former Head of Learning, Wigmore Hall

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